December 1, 2014

Adventures in ZFS: Mirrored Rpool

It always makes sense to have a mirrored rpool for your production systems, however that is not always how they are configured.  This really simple procedure is also critical. Create a Mirrored Zpool Check the existing devices to identify the one currently in use. Once we know which one is currently in use, we need to find a different one to mirror onto. Then we […]
July 9, 2014

Adventures in ZFS: Splitting a Zpool

Today we are going to go through the process of splitting a zpool.  This is not something that you will do often, but when you do it, you must be very precise and do it properly. Create Our Test Zpool First we will create a ZFS to hold our disk images. Next we will create the disk images. Finally we will create our zpool, which […]
July 1, 2014

Adventures in ZFS: Destroy A Zpool Without Importing

Recently I ran into an issue where I had a zpool that wasn’t imported in a system, and I was unable to import it due to zpool version incompatibilities.  This can happen if you are going to a older revision of Solaris or if you are crossing platforms between ZFS and OpenZFS.  This posed an interesting problem for me, as how do I destroy a […]
June 30, 2014

Adventures in ZFS: Rename a Zpool

Renaming a zpool is not as intuitive as I would expect, but it is still pretty simple.  We accomplish this through a three step process, export the zpool, import the zpool (using a new name), validate our mountpoints are how we want them (probably using the new zpool name). Now why might I want to rename it?  That is simple, perhaps it is simply for […]
September 6, 2011

Adventures in ZFS: Time Slider is not Expiring Snapshots on Imported Zpools

A few days ago someone contacted me with an interesting issue with regards to the ZFS automatic snapshots, facilitatedby the time slider service. The Situation OpenSolaris machine with zpool exported.  Time slider was working prior to export. Solaris 11 Express fresh install with zpool imported. The Symptoms Basically the core of the issue was that the zpool was from an OpenSolaris machine, in lieu of […]
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