May 23, 2011

Linux-KVM: VLAN Tagging for Guest Connectivity

Today we will be discussing the process of configuring VLANs for the KVM Guests to use to gain access to a wider variety of networks from a single host.  This is extremely helpful if you are able to take advantage of 10Gbps connections, as you can eliminate multiple 1Gbps connections for a single 10Gbps and still get a net gain in bandwidth.  If you do […]
March 29, 2011

Solaris 11: Network Configuration Advanced

In my previous post we went over the basics of configuring a network interface in Solaris 11, without using the Network Auto Magic (NWAM) which is enabled by default.  In this article we will go over some of the more advanced features which can be leveraged including VLANs, aggregation groups, and jumbo frames. Configure VLAN Tagging Create a VLAN, specify the VLAN id with the […]
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