October 24, 2012

Linux KVM: Ubuntu 12.10 with Openvswitch

Today I am revisiting my previous post on Openvswitch on Ubuntu 12.04.  Things have changed since then.  Previously Openvswitch was relatively new and as such the userland tools (with libvirt being the one I use) didn’t support it yet, so while you could have used Openvswitch by executing the kvm processes for each VM manually.  Since this was a predictable problem the Openvswitch guys created […]
May 16, 2012

Oracle VM: Using Oracle VM Manager 3 from Ubuntu Linux

In my initial work with Oracle VM, I have run into a few fringe cases, which are not well documented, but actually have rather simple solutions.  This one actually cropped up over the weekend for me.  Over the weekend I decided to rebuild my company-issued laptop with Ubuntu Linux (12.04 amd64) to be specific.  I did this for a number of reasons… 1)  I am […]
March 26, 2012

Linux-KVM: Ubuntu 12.04 with Openvswitch

UPDATE: October 29, 2012 This article doesn’t work on Ubuntu 12.10, to use Ubuntu 12.10 please refer to my new article here. Openvswitch is a better way of managing your virtual networking stacks for KVM and Xen.  This can be used instead of the bridge-utils package, and has the ability to use VLANs, LACP, QoS, sFlow, and others.  In this article we will be using […]
February 16, 2012

Securing SSH with Publicly Accessible Servers

Just about every IT environment has some sort of remotely managed environment which requires that they have SSH open to the Internet.  Perhaps this is a VPS, dedicated server, or colocation.  Regardless of your reason, the fact is that there is just some times where you need to have SSH open to the internet. However regardless of if it is necessary doesn’t mean that you […]
August 16, 2011

Linux-KVM Management: Live Migration Without Shared Storage

Everyday I learn something new about Linux-KVM, this is why I love this platform.  Today we are going to talk about Live Migration.  The kicker?  Shared storage not required.  Now please keep in mind that just because shared storage is not required, doesn’t mean there is not a benefit to it.  Shared storage will accelerate this process, since the data will not have to move.  […]
August 9, 2011

Bash: Using pv to Display Progress of dd

One of the biggest weaknesses of dd is that it has no way to display progress on its actions.  You can send a signal to the process which will pause, display statistics, and resume the process however this takes up alot of your terminal screen if you are doing any sort of long running copy.  Enter pv.  Pv allows us to monitor the progress of […]
August 8, 2011

Linux-KVM Management: Offline Migration

When you compare Linux-KVM to Hyper-V or VMWare your initial results will indicate that Linux-KVM is lacking when it comes to management tools, and basic functionality.  You would be correct, however you would also be incorrect.  You see with Linux-KVM we can leverage the underlying power of the Linux userland, and with this frankly all things are possible.  Here is one of the basic bits […]
July 21, 2011

Identify Package Origin of Binary on Apt Systems

There will come a time when you need to install a package on a machine in order to take advantage of a utility contained within.  In my case I know that I need kvm-img (which is also called qemu-img), and I assumed that it was either in the libvirt-bin package or the qemu-kvm package.  It turned out for me that it was in qemu-kvm which […]
May 23, 2011

Linux-KVM: VLAN Tagging for Guest Connectivity

Today we will be discussing the process of configuring VLANs for the KVM Guests to use to gain access to a wider variety of networks from a single host.  This is extremely helpful if you are able to take advantage of 10Gbps connections, as you can eliminate multiple 1Gbps connections for a single 10Gbps and still get a net gain in bandwidth.  If you do […]
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