June 16, 2014

Solaris 11: Install Bind Server

Today I am going to document the process of install BIND in Solaris 11.  I am using a Solaris 11.1 zone for this task, though nothing in this is specific to zones, and it should work on previous versions of Solaris 11.  I have done this quite a few times and it is not a very intuitive process.  As of the time of this writing […]
May 19, 2014

Solaris Networking: Datalink Multipathing Protocol

In this article we are going to go over Datalink Multipathing Protocol (DLMP) available in Solaris.  DLMP is similar to IPMP, however there are some key differences, the biggest being the layer at which it operates.  DLMP operates at the datalink layer of the OSI model, while IPMP operates at the network layer.  Due to the differences in those layers DLMP opens up a lot […]
May 15, 2014

Solaris SMF: Define File Dependency

One of the biggest benefits of migrating to the Service Management Framework is that we can introduce dependencies to a services, these dependencies can be other services which is very valuable, however they can also be file based.  This can be used in a number of ways, say for example you have some application trees that live on some NFS mounts, in the event that […]
May 14, 2014

Solaris SMF: Define Service Execution User

Frequently we want a service to execute as a non-root user, this is pretty trivial in the context of the Service Management Facility in Solaris.  This article will go over exactly what goes into that.  The one complexity around that is the environment, if you have environment variables that the user will depend on those, they will need to be setup inside of the SMF.  […]
May 13, 2014

Solaris SMF: Delegate Service Control

In many of the environments that I deliver to a client we have a concept of an “environment account” this account is the credential set that the environment runs as.  Over time and the maturation of the Service Management Facility (SMF) we have been able to simplify this offering and increase its capabilities.  Today we are going to talk about allowing the environment user to […]
September 24, 2013

ZFS: Send and Receive

ZFS gives us the ability to move data with ZFS send and receive.  This can be used to combine snapshots, create full or incremental backups, or replicate data between servers on your LAN or even over the WAN. Local Backup with Send This is very simple, simply perform a send of a snapshot then output it to the file, I have complicated it a bit […]
September 23, 2013

Adventures in ZFS: Solaris 11.1 Share Properties

In Solaris 11.1 Oracle decided to change the way that they stored filesystem share information.  I personally loved the change, but that was without understanding what the change really was.  For more information on how to enable NFS exports see my previous article here. Setup Our Environment Everything we are doing will be on some test file systems, with no data.  So lets put everything […]
September 10, 2013

Solaris Networking: IP Multipathing Protocol

In this article we are going to go over some basics of using IPMP in Solaris.  We will discuss this on the latest versions of Solaris 10 and 11 on the SPARC platform, these instructions should also work on the x86 platform, but will be dependent on the listed version numbers, as the networking stack has changed alot of the past few minor versions of […]
September 9, 2013

Adventures in ZFS: NFS Exports on Solaris 10 and 11

So with ZFS you really have two ways of configuring your NFS exports, you can do it the old fashioned way (read: /etc/dfs/dfstab and share command).  Or the super-duper easy method…  Use ZFS metadata, and allow ZFS to configure the export for you.  The reason why you might choose this approach is simple, if you don’t want to have to worry about configs, and especially […]
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